Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Say what you will about red-state Georgia, but we're a practical people here.  Georgia is widely regarded as one of the most mercantile, most business-friendly states in the country, and we don't tolerate a lot of foolishness that's going to interfere with the business of business.

Nathan Deal, our Republican governor, is not my favorite politician, but I'll say this for him - he allowed local jurisdictions to decide if they wanted to allow Sunday beer, wine, and liquor sales (Atlanta and Fulton County said "yes"), he vetoed one of those silly "religious freedom" laws like those in Indiana and North Carolina that legalize discrimination based on religious beliefs, and he vetoed a "campus-carry" gun law that would have allowed college students to bring concealed weapons into the classroom (what could possibly have gone wrong with that?).  If a bill will interfere with tourism or commerce, it doesn't stand a chance in this state, even with a Republican controlled legislature and a Republican governor.

So the majority of Georgians aren't going to fall for this Donald Trump nonsense.  Sure, it's considered fun in some circles to rock the political boat and promote a candidate who clearly has no interest in governing, but investors and business people like consistency and sobriety and dependability, not chaos.  Not that they're particularly fond of Hillary Clinton by any means, but after some raucous flirtations and poking fun at the establishment, Georgians are coming around to the serious business of considering how government should be run, and will not cast their electoral votes for the short-fingered vulgarian from New York City.

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