Monday, August 08, 2016

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll recently gave Hillary Clinton a 4-point edge in a head-to-head matchup against short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump. A Clinton victory in Georgia would be a stunning upset, as the state has consistently voted for the GOP nominee since 1996.  Although Georgia still isn’t directly in Clinton’s cross hairs, giddy Democrats are still hopeful that Trump skeptics will flee the GOP in droves. And Republicans are digging in, preparing to defend 16 electoral votes once thought to be safe.

Voters for both candidates cited a steadily eroding view of the nation’s direction, but many on both sides of the aisle said the threat of overseas violence or domestic attacks isn’t what’s keeping them up at night.  “Trump is unprepared at this time to be president of the United States,” said an African-American ex-educator from Vidalia. “He doesn’t have the temperament. And everything he says he makes a joke of.”

A whopping 87 percent of black voters lean toward a vote for Clinton, while Trump’s support is a statistically insignificant 2 percent.

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