Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hospitality & Eleanor Friedberger at The Basement, Atlanta, March 21

As promised/threatened, here are the pictures of Eleanor Friedberger performing at The Basement at Graveyard Tavern in Atlanta last Saturday night..  Before her set, though, Brooklyn's Hospitality opened.  

By my count, Friends of Friends was the fourth song in their set.

I was sufficiently impressed that I bought a copy of their eponymous debut CD, autographed by frontwoman Amber Popini.

Eleanor Friedberger started her set with an extended instrumental intro to My Mistakes, and kept the energy level up from there on in.

It was actually my first time inside The Basement.  Last Rocktober, I was in line to see TuneYards perform  at The Basement but the show sold out while I was a mere two persons from the front door and admittance,  and I learned a practical lesson about buying tickets in advance.

The Basement's a small, intimate club.  I thought at first that the bar was too close to the stage and was disappointed that the stage was not visible from much of the club.  All this is true, but everyone who cared got great sight lines of the bands, and the sound was superb.  It's actually a pretty good place to listened to and watch a performance.

For those who might possibly care, it was my second time seeing Ms. Friedberger (after last years MFNW, where she opened for The Kills), and only her second time in Atlanta (she previously performed as a part of the Portlandia road show, even though she's from Brooklyn by way of Chicago).  It was also Hospitality's second time in Atlanta, following last month's performance at The Earl opening for the band Tennis.  I didn't go to that one, as I was at Vinyl that night, watching the British band Fanfarlo.


GreenSmile said...

I ran across this article in Tech Review's Arxiv blog:
and I think the authors do not have to go to such network-analyitic lengths to account for Atlanta being the nation's trend setting city for music tastes...Your blogging would account for much of their data;)

Shokai said...

Greensmile! Good to hear from you again, old friend!

Don't know exactly how WDW morphed into a music blog, or what it will morph into next.

Hope all is well with you.