Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hospitality and Eleanor Friedberger

Back on September 8 of last year at MusicFest NorthWest (MFNW), I had the opportunity to see Eleanor Friedberger, formerly of The Fiery Furnaces, perform at the hot and sweaty Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.  Sandwiched in between a band called Mini Mansions and London's The Kills, she performed a memorable set of "pop songs full of countrified melodies (The New Yorker)" and I've been anticipating her coming to Atlanta ever since.  Tonight, she performs at The Basement. 

More good news:  newcomers Hospitality, who I missed when they played Atlanta just last month (March  10, opening for Tennis at The Earl) are already back in town again, this time opening for Ms. Friedberger.  Front woman Amber Papini "sings hook-laden, British-inflected pop songs" (The New Yorker again)."  A couple of those songs have somehow managed to surface on my iPod, but I'm going to the show tonight almost solely on the basis of their song Friends of Friends. Zen Master Dogen who once said, "Consider the moment when a close friend meets a close friend - her being your close friend is your being her close friend." 

 The central irony in the Hospitality video is that all of the "New York" scenes are obviously shot in LA, and all of the "LA" scenes are obviously from New York.  Zen Master Baso once asked, “Just what is right, here and now?” While those words look like a question about only one specific place, they are actually asking about rightness here and now at every place. “Just what is right, here and now,” is the direct manifestation of both sides at once.

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