Thursday, October 13, 2016

It appears, at least right now, that Trump's presidential campaign is over.  The tapes of his bragging about the unfettered privilege of the wealthy and his groping of women, all of the women coming forward saying they were victims of said groping, his inability to talk about anything other than himself, all appear to be his undoing. It's hard to imagine how any candidate, even Trump, can come back from all this.

But while all this is deplorable, these aren't the reasons I'm so appalled that he got so dangerously close to the Presidency.  I'm not offended so much by his vulgarity, his xenophobia, or his greed as I am by his narcissism.  Not only is every rally, every debate, every speech all about him, but he's the only candidate I've ever seen in my lifetime who so blatantly appears to want to use the authority of the most powerful office in the world solely for the benefit of himself.

He claims to have no financial backers and thus is beholden to nobody, but how has no one noticed that he's very much beholden and interested in the fortunes of the Trump Organization?  He's the only presidential candidate I know of who refuses to put his business into a blind trust if elected, but instead admits that his children will run the company while Dad's away.  Even Cheney's ties to Halliburton were less obvious than this.

With regard to his dispute with the judge assigned to his fraudulent Trump University case, he's not only stated that the judge is inherently biased because he's got a Hispanic last name, Trump's also said that if he becomes President, that judge had better watch out.  No candidate before has ever, as far as I know, threatened that he planned to use the Executive Office to settle old scores, or would interfere with the Judiciary for the sake of his own business interests.

He's said that he would jail his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  Not only does this sound like the actions of a Banana Republic dictator, but it also sets a very dangerous precedent - while many before Trump have claimed to be all for "law and order" (cough, Nixon, cough), no candidate has ever threatened to use the Presidency as a punitive tool against an individual American citizen.

It goes on and on.  It's clear that Trump has absolutely no idea about the Constitutional separation of powers and that he thinks if elected he will be some sort of tyrannical "Boss of America."  It makes me think his supporters don't want to be governed so much as ruled.  It makes me think that fascism is very much alive in America.  

It makes me think . . . .   

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