Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Facing West

Life's not all computer rebuilds and tree removals.  Today, it was back to work at good old Fort Mac, setting things up for the next phase of environmental restoration and cleanup.  Nice to take my mind off the mundane day-to-day crises I've been dealing with lately, even though the crises are still hanging over me (literally in the case of the tree).

But speaking of trees, I finally got a second bid for removal of the tree hanging over my house for $3,600 - $4,500, cheaper than the $8,500 for cutting it down halfway, but he wants to leave all the downed wood in my backyard, basically turning my property into a lumber yard.  Upside, free firewood for life; downside, a yard that looks like a lumber yard.

View above is North Avenue from the Eastside Beltline Trail yesterday, with the Bank of America tower and the AT&T building looming over the horizon.

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