Sunday, October 04, 2015

Another benefit of baking practice, in addition to the mindfulness necessary for the baking itself, is the deepening of charity and compassion from giving the baked goods away.

I can't eat all these banana breads and crumb cakes myself, so I've been bringing them into the office for my co-workers to eat, and have enjoyed seeing them enjoy the products.  As a matter of fact, the act of bringing treats into the office has made me feel closer and more affectionate for those I work with, and I find myself thinking how much they might enjoy the goods even as I'm baking.

Last week's chocolate-chocolate chip bread was so well received that I was asked to bake it again, and even though it was my preference to move on to the next koan in the cookbook, out of compassion I repeated the recipe and practiced kindness for others rather than work on my own mindfulness.

I'll spare you, gentle reader, another picture of another brown loaf this time around.

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