Saturday, October 03, 2015

SR 3/US 41/Northside Drive Between I-75 and Collier Road during Snowpocalypse 2011
ATLANTA – Motorists traveling on or near SR 3/ US 41/ Northside Drive are advised to seek alternate routes due to a non-construction related sinkhole on SR 3/US 41/ Northside Drive. The sinkhole is located between I-75 and Collier Road in the northbound lane.
Sure.  Right.  "Non-Construction related."  Just like the non-construction related leak from the sewer next to the work site that contaminated the creek across the road from my home, a sinkhole just happened to open up next to the road construction work because "stuff happens" (to quote Jeb! Bush). 

Ladies and gentlemen, the Georgia Department of Trasportation - putting the "gd" in GDOT. 

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