Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goat Farm Field Trip: National Brownfields Conference, Day Two

On the second day of the National Brownfield Conference here in Atlanta, I had the honor and the privilege of leading a field trip to The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Principal construction of The Goat Farm began in the early 1880s, and the facility was operational by 1889.  The facility manufactured cotton-ginning machinery as the E Van Winkle Machine Works until 1912, when it was purchased by the Murray Corporation of Texas and operated as the Murray Mill.

Today, it is a performing arts and art-studio space, and a vibrant centerpiece in the Atlanta arts community.  A group from the National Brownfields Conference attended an afternoon trip to see the space and hear the story of how the former industrial site has been transformed into the place it is today.

The attendees were literally form all over the country.  I noticed name tags from Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and Michigan, and even two from Alaska

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