Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brownfields 2013

The National Brownfields Conference, a large national conference that brings together developers, environmentalists, regulators, consultants, community organizers, urban planners, and visionaries, is meeting this year in Atlanta.

The idea of "brownfields" is to put back into productive reuse those old, underutilized industrial sites, so that unaffected property, "greenfields," can be preserved.  It's basically how I've made my living for the past decade or so.  The last time I was at a The National Brownfields Conference was when it was held in Boston back in 2006.   

Anyway, it's just getting kicked off today, with the only real event a Plenary Session with keynote speaker Ryan Gravel, whom I've met several times during my Atlanta Beltline activities, and have come to know and admire.

He knocked it out of the park today with an inspirational talk on the Beltline project.

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