Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Back In 'Bama

The seemingly endless streak of field work that began at the beginning of the year continues, still in cold and windy weather although now in Birmingham, Alabama.   The photo above is of the lovely vista surrounding my work site. While all of this is earning me a living, I sometimes find myself cheering for impermanence and waiting for the next season to come along.  I find solace in the knowledge that eventually I'm going to have to write a bunch of reports on all of these field sampling events and get to spend some quality time at home in front of my computer.

I was here in Birmingham last May working for the same client and it's satisfying to find that I now have loyal clients bringing me repeat business.  My little sole proprietor business is growing roots.

On a positive note, although the forecast called for a 90% chance of rain all day, it really only rained once, a drenching downpour that oddly didn't occur while we were outside but instead during our lunch break.  By the time we were back, the rain had let up, although it was replaced by cold, gusty winds that sapped our strength and energy and seemed to drain our brains, as well.

But my hotel, which last year hosted the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, is warm and dry, with acceptable cable selections and high-speed internet access, so what is there to complain about?       

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