Thursday, December 06, 2012


So it appears that we are now in Day 5 of Rohatsu, and I've managed to stick my bald head in the door a total of four times.  At least I made it there this evening for 90 minutes of zazen (better than none at all).


Jeff Albrizze said...

As old Hakuin said..."Those who try zazen even once wipe away beginning-less crimes. Where are all the dark paths then?
The Pure Land itself is near.
Those who hear this truth even once
And listen with a grateful heart,
Treasuring it, revering it,gain blessings without end. Much more, those who turn about and bear witness to self-nature, Self-nature that is no-nature,
Go far beyond mere doctrine."

So, one pure moment of true changes the whole world. So I tell myself, make that moment count. Throw yourself 100% into each breath, you may not have another. If all I have to sit is 90 minutes, it is exactly the right amount for right now. Maybe tomorrow we can do more...

Be well, and sit strongly my brother!

Shokai said...

Thanks, and good choice of poetry. It was Dogen who said, "Driving ourselves to practice and experience the myriad dharmas is delusion. When the myriad dharmas actively practice and experience ourselves, that is the state of realization."