Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Night Video

You really have to hand it to, well, whoever it is you have to hand it to (I don't know). But anyway, it seems that 60s rock icons The Beatles are everywhere recently. There's a new Beatles Rock Band game out coincided with the release of a new remastered box set of all of their studio albums. My local Starbucks has replaced all of their usual CDs for sale with Beatle CDs (move over Norah Jones), and VH1 is rebroadcasting The Beatles Anthology from 1995. I wonder if any of this is a result of Michael Jackson's death, since he had owned all the publishing rights to The Beatles music?

In any event, and in keeping with this trend, here's John Lennon and The Beatles from 1965 for my Friday Night Video. Enjoy.

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