Saturday, September 12, 2009


The "Zen and the Art of the Arts" festival began last night with the opening of an outstanding gallery show and two sets by the improvisational band Zentropy. The art was truly amazing - we have some very talented artists here in Atlanta - and the choice of Zentropy was fitting, and not just because of the name.

Here's a podcast downloaded from the band's website of a show last winter at Atlanta's Eyedrum. The sesion is more-or-less divided into the following pieces:

1. Krampus Bells (1:50)
2. K-Funk (7:25)
3. In the Mode (10:07)
4. Blu-Motif (5:36)
5. Phuzzy (6:59)
6. Schizo Claws (6:58)

Since I don't yet know how to post MP3s to Blogger, I converted the file into a movie format, with a single still photo of the Atlanta skyline obtained from Flickr (so now I'm probably violating two artist's copyrights). Don't expect any changes to the picture, just enjoy the 38 or so minutes of music.


Adam said...

One way to get MP3s on your blog is to open up an iMeem account. You can upload any of your music there, and create a playlist. You can then post that playlist on your blog.

Shokai said...

Thanks, Adam. I'll look into that.