Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Intrusive Thoughts

From: L.
Sent: Tue 6/15/2004 8:02 AM
Subject: Intrusive Thoughts

Remembering like a dream when you had me naked and curled in your arms on the sofa...and we were kissing and you were squeezing my nipple. I was so wet and my heart was pounding hard, then you started sliding your finger insistently into my pussy...I was breathing so heavy I thought i would faint...and again later when you had me on my knees and rubbed that whipped cream all over my ass and pussy and licked it off, first slowly then thrusting your tongue in me. I was left just clutching that stupid pillow, trying to catch my breath and the room was going dark, when i felt your swollen dick pushing deep into me, forcing me to start coming...

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