Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Not Dead Yet . . .

. . . but nearing the end of Fallout 4 (I think).  I haven't been posting much here as of late, mainly because most of my so-called "free time" has fallen into the black hole of game playing.  However, I think I've got to be near, if not the end of the game, at least the end of the Fallout 4 story line.  My character is now a General in the Minutemen and a Knight in the Brotherhood of Steel, and has managed to more-or-less unite the two factions. 

None of this will make any sense to you unless you've played the game, but I've managed to catch up with Virgil in the Glowing Sea, and killed a courser synthbot to get the microchip in it's head that's needed in order to build a teleportation device.  The teleporter is now up and running and I've already used it to infiltrate the shadowy Institute, and finally reunited with my long-lost son, Shaun (which is the central goal of the game - it's all about a mother trying to recover her kidnapped child in a post-apocalyptic Commonwealth of Massachusetts).  There's only a few more tasks left to complete as far as I can see and I think I can complete the storyline tonight, so excuse me if I don't post anything more here until I get out of the Institute and back to the Commonwealth. 

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