Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Alternate Reality

Today - finally - after more than six months of playing Minecraft to escape the depressing so-called consensus reality of the post-Trump NWO, today, I finally switched my drug of choice to the game Fallout 4.

Amazing graphics (the landscapes are almost indistinguishable from photography), lots of puzzles and challenges, and enough of a storyline to keeping things moving along but also enough freedom to allow one to wander and explore a post-nuclear Massachusetts (the game is set in and around Boston).  

I downloaded the game this morning and almost immediately fell into some eight hours of gameplay. I'm only up to Level 3, but I've already survived a nuclear war and a cryogenic genocide, freed Concord, Mass. from insurgents and some sort of demon raptor, drained some guy's quarry by swimming in radioactive water because why not?, and eradicated New Bedford of zombies.  All this in heels and a red cocktail dress because somehow I accidentally picked the female character as my avatar (I'm still learning the basics of gameplay).

There are those who make a convincing case that the so-called consensus reality is actually just another future/alien computer game, so don't judge me if I'm substituting the Fallout 4 reality for your day-to-day reality. We're all caught up in the Matrix of our own choosing.

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