Saturday, October 15, 2016

We Get Camouflaged

Shhhh!  We're hiding from Uncle "Small Groping Hands" Donald!

The ninth woman publicly accusing Donald Trump of groping and inappropriately kissing her has now come forward, bringing his numbers up into the Bill Cosby levels.   Frankly, we're not surprised - we've always suspected him of being a serial abuser.

A Facebook friend and Trump supporter (yes, I'm still friends with people I disagree with politically) noted on line that he thought it was more than a little suspicious that people "only now" start accusing Trump of lewd behaviour, being as it is just 30 days before the election.  "No one was calling Trump a sex offender before this, just like no one was accusing him of racism up until the election."

We'll set aside the issue for now of why women are reluctant to come forward with allegations of abuse, but really?, you think no one was calling him racist before this election?  What about the Federal prosecutors way back in the 70s who filed suits against him for racial discrimination in apartment rentals?  How about the millions of Americans disgusted and offended by his racist "birther" claims against the American president?  Your ignorance of the facts, my friend, does not exonerate him from the accusations.  We've long known Trump was a racist - we just didn't know he'd ever get so dangerously close to the Presidency.

As for the sex abuse claims, I lived upstate New York in the 80s and frequently heard him on the Howard Stern Show boasting about his "success" with women.  We've seen him go through a series of trophy wives, and watched, appalled, as he even sexualized his own daughter.  Everyone knew he was a dirt bag - no one did anything about it because until recently, no one thought he mattered.

Donald Trump is a hateful, disgusting, incompetent old man, unfit not only for the Presidency of the United States of America, but for life among polite company and society.

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