Sunday, September 25, 2016

Walking Blues

Actually, not "blues" at all - more like "celebration," but "Walking Celebration" doesn't sound as good.  Yesterday, was the East Atlanta Strut; "strut" as in "walking," as in "parade." 

I was just an observer, not a participant, so I only logged 2.18 miles at the Strut yesterday.  Today was Streets Alive Atlanta, and they shut down Boulevard from North Avenue to Highland Ave., and they shut down Highland Ave. from Boulevard all the way up to Virginia Ave.  I walked the whole length, both ways, for a total of 6.74 miles.

Here's normally traffic-clogged Boulevard empty except for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Bicyclists, pedestrians, and rattatas.

The Bank of American Plaza building (55 floors) from North Ave. and Boulevard.

This is Atlanta, so of course there was music.

And of course there were Pokemons.

Some other features:

Streets Alive was inspired by the ciclovia in Bogot√°, Colombia, where city streets are closed to car traffic to allow people to participate in all kinds of free health and community-oriented events. Thirty years after the first program, the concept has spread around the world from Tokyo to Kiev. 

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