Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sickness and medicine heal each other.  The whole earth is medicine.  Where do you find yourself?
You and the whole earth are not separate.  Approximately 1,000 pounds of the whole earth passes through you each year, and there's not a molecule in your body that hasn't already been part of countless other forms, including distant exploding supernovas. 

You are the whole earth and the whole earth is medicine.  You are the medicine that heals sickness and you are the sickness that heals the medicine.  So, at that moment, who are you?

As John Daido Loori once said, "Forget about all the Buddhist sutras, forget about all the koans.  Just find out who you are, what the self is.  To save all sentient beings begins with saving yourself.  Once you save yourself, there's no distinction between you and all sentient beings."

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