Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Let's Read The Bible Together!

The Flood. . . .

But before we get there, the book reads, "In the beginning," and I've already confessed to my confusion there.  But, continuing, "In the beginning, God . . ."

Who?  The book just assumes you know who it is talking about.  In my experience, many different people mean many different things by the G-word, and in my experience, even more people don't really know what they themselves mean by the G-word. And those latter people get the most upset when you ask them what they mean by that term.

If God is somehow differentiable from her creation, it must mean that her creation is somehow different from her.  Which means that her creation has attributes that she herself does not have. Which means that she has some limitations and is not as absolute and complete as some of her admirers would like to believe.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again. Surely, this big, long book will eventually tell us who this creator is, and explain how those shortcomings don't make her somehow less than what she allegedly created.

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