Wednesday, August 03, 2016

This commercial application of augmented reality still fascinates me.

Zen Master Tozan once said, "When it is cold, be completely cold; when it is hot, be completely hot." Since we suffer hot and cold only in contrast to our own temperatures, if we allow ourselves to become intimate with the hot and the cold so that there is no longer any contrast, any difference, we will not suffer.  

Some people translate Tozan's remarks as " "When it's cold, kill yourself with cold. When it's hot, kill yourself with heat."  This is confusing if you don't understand that the "killing" is simply removing yourself from the equation.  It's not too hot or too cold if you're not there to complain about it.  But don't go away - just accept and embrace it. 

It sounds too simple, but I would say, "If you want to stop minding the heat, take your mind off the heat.  If you want to stop minding the cold, take your mind off the cold."

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