Monday, August 15, 2016

Right now as I sit here on this bright summer day, there are stars in the sky.  I can't see them because in daylight our eyes can't reach that far, but still they are out there, shining.  In fact, we are each a star, shining in the sky in this vast universe.  Our eyes can't reach that distance, our mind can't really comprehend, so we don't see it, but when we sit still like a mountain, it comes to pass that through the crickets, and the whale, and even through the repetitive sound of machinery, we can begin to feel this vast dimension that seems outside ourselves but actually is found right here within us.  And if we see it, recognize it, and experience it, then we begin to know that we are a part of it and that it is a part of us, that this vast dimension is our own most intimate depth.  Then, even within this ever-changing moment, we will truly know that it is always there.
- Jakusho Kwong, No Beginning, No End - The  Intimate Heart of Zen (Harmony Books)

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