Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Patience has never been my virtue, and right now my patience is being tested.

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Jo Hammers said...

Long lines bother some people. their patience. With me, it is strangers wanting to sit down with me in cafes. I get up early every morning (4AM) to go have coffee and write. It is usually a fast food place, not much open that time of morning. I take my computer and write for an hour or so. Yesterday, an 80 year old man insisted on sitting down with me. He then proceeded to tell me all about his 80 years of love life and the woman he had proposed to twice. Word gets around that you are a writer. My patience was tried, and I wondered what the purpose of the odd encounter was. After listening to him for 15 minutes, it was very obvious that he was not a man who held women in respect. I finally had to tell him that coffee and chat time were over and that I had to get to my writing. He left the fast food restaurant and his tray behind on my table for me to clean up. My patience was indeed tried. Jo Hammers the Mystic