Sunday, October 11, 2015

"It is precisely the superficial differences between people who are otherwise alike that inform the hostilities between them." - LeBron James

I've apparently graduated from the quick-bread category of baking koans with its crumb cakes and variations on banana bread, and have now graduated to the next stage - biscuits.  Here are my first venture in this new group - blueberry cornbread muffins.  The only real trick was finding a place to buy blue cornmeal, and once again, Whole Foods came through for me.

I made a half dozen of these yesterday according to the recipe and quantities in the cookbook, and then made a full dozen more today by doubling up all the quantities and, surprisingly, the larger volume actually turned out better.

If I don't eat them all between now and Monday morning, I'll bring them in to work tomorrow for my co-workers. 

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