Tuesday, May 19, 2015

They often say "life is short," but I take exception to that.  Your life is the longest thing you'll ever experience.  Anything longer than your own life, if even by a day, is just your imagination.  You'll never know anything longer than your life.

I'll go a step further.  Time itself is a construct of the mind, a narrative we put together using these incredibly complex human brains to understand the apparent sequence of the endless moments of "now."  First we have this "now," then we have this "now," and then we have this "now."  The brain remembers those previous "nows" and assembles a narrative of the events in the order they appear to have occurred, and we refer to the length of that narrative as "time."  But it's always right now, and the past is only memory and the future is mere imagination (sometimes the past is imagination as well).

There is no actual past or actual future.  There is nothing longer than you.  It's all in the mind.

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