Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

When the truth is realized, the white snow in a thousand layers departs,
And the blue mountains on numerous scrolls come painted in a picture.
- Zen Master Dogen, in Gabyō (A Picture of a Rice Cake)

Dogen calls these words the talk of great realization, the state of truth that is realized through zazen. The "numerous scrolls" are the blue mountains and white snow that have been captured in a picture at the moment of attaining the truth. Dogen asserted that every motion and every expression of stillness is nothing but the painting of a picture. Our actions in the present moment are solely derived from pictures. If one says that pictures are unreal, then all thoughts and things must also be unreal. If all thoughts and things are unreal, then even the Buddha-Dharma must be unreal. But if the Buddha-Dharma is real, then pictures of blue mountains and white snow must just be just as real.

It's snowing today in Georgia.  I understand it's even snowing in Florida.

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