Thursday, January 09, 2014


Just in case you were wondering, I've spent much of this week in the lovely, bucolic town of Hiram, Georgia - out in Paulding County, about 20 miles west of Atlanta.  Truly wonderful place.

Last week, we installed some groundwater monitoring wells at a property there, accessing the difficult terrain using a little track-mounted bobcat.

This Monday, literally the coldest day in over a decade, I developed the wells - pumped the muddy water out so that the clear groundwater could flow in - but the temperatures got so cold my equipment kept freezing up and I had to abandon the effort until it warmed up a little.

So I spent the day indoors on Tuesday and Wednesday with my friend Eliot inspecting the frost on the window. 

I got back out to the site today and sampled the wells.

I'm about 80% complete, and am going back out again tomorrow to finish the sampling. So I ask you, how much fun could one boy have?  And, are you jealous yet?

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