Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Video

The analogy of the experiment described in this video to meditation is obvious and self apparent - so I will describe it for you.

Without expectation of any specific result and for no other reason than because they were curious, the astronomers pointed "the most powerful telescope ever built by human beings" at "absolutely nothing," a dark spot between the observed stars, a virtual no-man's-land of the universe.  After 11 days of staring into the void, what did they find?  Over 10,000 new galaxies, each of which contained hundreds of billions of stars.  

We can sit in mediation, without seeking any specific outcome other than to see what's there, and peer intently into the mind beneath our thoughts, the quiet, still fact of our own existence.  Just watch, just observe. When the scientists did this, they found a mind-boggling number of new stars, the Hubble ultra-deep field. What will we find?     

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