Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Compassionate Earth Walk

"Humans are destroying the earth, including ourselves. We are using up all the natural resources (coal, oil, water, soil, natural gas) as if they would replenish themselves – or as if there were no tomorrow. We make chemicals that make millions of us sick. Our extraction of fossil fuels (and our unnatural methods of farming) are causing climate change that has already caused catastrophic floods and droughts – and we are on track for much, much worse.

"Knowing this, our governments and institutions have chosen to continue extracting resources at an ever-increasing rate, to create new and more sophisticated poisons, and to ridicule or imprison those who object. The disease of our day is to see ourselves as independent and the world as a resource to consume.

"In this walk, we openly announce that it is the other way around: we are part of the earth, embraced, supported, and given life by it. None of us could take a single breath without the help of the myriad beings that inhabit this planet. In doing so, we ally ourselves with millions of people who have lived in harmony with their natural communities, for centuries and millenia. We thus begin to decolonize ourselves, which is a step toward real decolonization."

- from The Compassionate Earth Walk

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Shodo said...

Hello Shokai,
It's interesting to see my words posted in the context of a dramatic protest. I invite people to check out the Compassionate Earth Walk page, and if you like to join us in walking peacefully and legally, focusing on spiritual practice and dialogue with everyone we meet of whatever opinion.