Saturday, December 01, 2012


This evening marks the beginning of the annual rohatsu meditation retreat, a seven-day event in commemoration of the Buddha's enlightenment.  "Monks around the world shudder in anticipation of rohatsu," it is said, as the retreat is generally considered to be the most intensive and arduous on the Buddhist calendar.  

For several reasons, it appears to be time for me to immerse myself back in the butsudo (buddha-way) of practice-enlightenment once again.  It's been too long.  However, as usual, I will also have to attend to more mundane matters such as my job and livelihood during the week, especially considering that I'm now self-employed and no longer have the luxury of taking vacation time and still draw a salary while engaged in meditation practice (ah, those were the days).  I have meetings, reports to write, deadlines to meet, and clients to maintain.

I will do my best, however, to attend rohatsu at times where there is not something else that I need to be doing.  Let's use this public forum to help keep me honest to that vow and have the readers, such as they are, help encourage me on this path.


renbyo said...

Hey brother,
Maybe considering your work as "samu" can help keep your perspective. Be well, sit strongly, and know that your way IS the Buddha Way.

Shokai said...

Good point. Thanks.