Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Open Letter

Dear Rep. Akin,

Based on the words above, I'm sure that you've already surmised that I disagree with your recent, well-publicized statements.  But your comments were so over-the-top offensive and Neanderthal, that I'm concerned they've distracted us from the real issue - the truly offensive implications of your stated position.

Specifically, even if you were able to outlaw all abortions, even in the case of incest, rape, or the health of the mother (as was just added to your party's platform), it wouldn't stop abortions from occurring - it would only stop legal abortions from occurring.  American women would simply be forced to seek dangerous, expensive, and illegal abortions, just like they had to back in the 1950s.

Your apparent position, even after you attempted to apologize and clarify your idiotic statement, is still that if a woman were the unfortunate victim of a rape, you would have the government force her to carry and deliver her rapist's baby against her will.  Do you really believe that anybody would do that, or would they instead seek out an illegal procedure, or avail themselves to the whole smorgasbord of  free-market "remedies" that would inevitably appear in the absence of legal abortions?  It is not at all hard to picture many, many tragic deaths - to both mother and child - occurring from such illegal to quasi-legal procedures, tragedies on top of tragedies.

During this nation's grand experiment with Prohibition, it was realized that despite all of the troubles with liquor, the consequences of banning alcohol were even worse.  Why do you think it will be any different with abortion? And what will you have done to the rape victims arrested for seeking or procuring an illegal abortion?  Jail them?  Have the government place them in a facility and force them to give birth?  How would such "baby factories" be morally any different than the alleged "death panels" your party imagined would come out of health care reform?

I doubt this letter will change your mind or even surface in your sphere of awareness, but I still feel compelled to request that, for the sake of the American citizens you took office to represent, please don't continue in these misbegotten efforts.

May you be well, 


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