Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meanwhile, Back At The Goat Farm

The heatwave which had been baking the northeast US finally reached Atlanta on Saturday. By afternoon, the downtown skyscrapers were shimmering in the heat and people sought refuge indoors and out of the scorching sun.  

What relief was available could be found in the shade of the nooks and crannies of the photogenic Goat Farm.

The cool shade was not only appreciated but also appropriate, as The Goat Farm was preparing itself for a party.

The occasion was something called The Big Bang Ball, a Modern Dustbowl Carnival.  Among the many performers were Picasso the Gorilla, below.  There were also many musical performances, but since I've bifurcated, the pictures of those offerings are over at the Live site.

Alert readers may recall seeing the lady riding the pink emu from the East Village Strut pictures over on the Live site (look under the Imperial Opa Circus cut).

In keeping with the Dustbowl theme, the carnival featured a theatrical huskster promoting questionable elixirs and potions.

Walter the Lion was a bit of a show stealer, even when he was just wandering among the audience.

Without even showing the musical performers, these pictures describe barely a quarter of the day's activities.    More posts on other Big Bang Ball attractions will follow.

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