Saturday, June 16, 2012

Midsummer Music Festival

Okay, so I've bifurcated.  The music posts, which have been taking over Water Dissolved Water for some time now, have been moved over to the Live Journal site (WDW Live), leaving this blog free to be about . . . what?  Zen?  The life and strange times of a typical 50-something Zen Buddhist in Atlanta?  Liberal politics? Or all or none of the above?

I'll also confess that I've posted this on Sunday but back-dated it to Saturday to keep it chronologically correct.

Today (actually yesterday), I attended the free ($5 for a wrist band if you wanted to buy beer) Midsummer Music Fest in Atlanta's lovely Candler Park.  The weather was beautiful - pouring rain broke out during last year's festival headlined by Dr. Dog, which made today's conditions all the more special.  Additional pictures of the festival are posted over at the Live site for those interested, but here are a few just to document the day.

The truth of the matter is, I wound up enjoying the festival much more than I thought I would.  I had forgotten, almost until they started playing on stage, that The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, long a favorite of mine, were a part of the line up, and they put on a terrific show on good old New Orleans funk and jazz that had the whole audience dancing, some even up on stage with the band.  And G Love and Special Sauce, instead of sounding like some warmed-over 90s act, has really entrenched himself in the blues, and you never really go out of style as long as your music is rooted in the blues.  Plus, he's a terrific showman and put on a wonderful show.  

Finally, before each act, the sponsors of the festival threw a totally insane number of oversize beach balls out into the audience, so that for first one or two songs of each act, the entire audience was getting clobbered by bouncing balls (in a good way).  It enlivened the proceedings and added to the fun, and for the almost 8 hours that I was there, despite all the sun, all the beer (the lead sponsor was Red Stripe Beer), and the large crowd, I not only didn't see a single act of violence, I didn't even see any anger or tension.  A good time seemed to be had by all.

The Wood Brothers


The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

G Love and Special Sauce

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