Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Damian Jurado

Zen Master Ryūzan once saw two oxen covered with mud. He reported, "They fought and fell into the sea. There has been no news of them since.”

According to The New York Times, Damian Jurado is "A snarling hard-core punk turned diligently bleeding heart," and "a folk singer-songwriter with rare delicacy and resilience. His 10th studio album, Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian), is his most intriguing yet: acidly psychedelic and uneasily introspective, it even dips a toe into lush Wall of Sound pop (Reel to Reel)."  Personally, his new sound reminds me of Solid Air-vintage John Martyn. He's playing at The Earl tonight, and I just might have a small window of opportunity to crawl out from under the avalanche of work that's fallen on me and go enjoy the show.

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