Saturday, April 28, 2012

Allo Darlin' and Wave Pictures

"The critically acclaimed Allo Darlin' specializes in catchy tunes that cross sixties pop with eighties rock" (The New Yorker).  Tonight, they play at 529 in Atlanta, Georgia.

One day, when Zen Master Hyakujō had asked everyone to work in the fields, a certain monk suddenly held up his rake when he heard the sound of the drummer.  Laughing loudly, he threw down his rake and went straight back to the temple.  The master exclaimed, “What a splendid thing this is! It is the gate of entry into truth.”  
When the master returned to the temple, he called the monk and asked him, “What truth have you seen to make you behave as you did just before?” The monk said, “I was hungry, so when I heard the sound of the drummer I went in for something to eat.”  
The master laughed loudly.
Allo Darlin's second LP, Europe, came out to pretty much across-the-board acclaim. It's a little more melancholy than the band's debut, with a lot less ukulele this time out, but "Elizabeth Morris' songwriting and voice are still in fine form, it's all just a little more 'mature' . . . I'm sure one thing that hasn't changed is Allo Darlin's ability to charm in the live setting" (Brooklyn Vegan).

The song Darren was written for their friend Darren Hayman, who recorded and released one song for every day of January 2011.  In August of 2011, he decided to release 500 copies of two of those songs as a seven-inch single, and to individually hand paint every sleeve with his friends Allo Darlin' and The Wave Pictures.  

The Wave Pictures, who reportedly "rely on prominent rock guitar solos," will be opening.  The band's music "ranges from bluesy and sorrowful to up-tempo and rollicking (The New Yorker again)."  Dave Tattersall of Wave Pictures "spins fascinating, funny stories with a singsong delivery. Most of their albums sound like they were recorded live, but it always comes off a million times more compelling when you actually see them play. Tattersall is also one of the funniest between-song banterers of our age" (Brooklyn Vegan again).

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