Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Geology of Georgia - Part Five of a Very Occasional Series

The Camp Creek

Everyone in Atlanta, well, most everyone in Atlanta, knows Camp Creek, because Camp Creek Parkway is the road that leads from the Perimeter highway to the airport.  But most Atlantans, including me up until today, have never seen the actual Camp Creek.  Here it is:

This section of Camp Creek forms the Clayton-Fayette county line. For some reason, a rather large pond has formed next to the creek:

There are high bluffs south of Camp Creek along this stretch that are supported by bedrock of the Late Proterozoic to Middle Ordovician Stonewall Gneiss, a gray to grayish-brown to dark-gray, medium- to coarse-grained, commonly schistose, generally pegmatitic, feldspar gneiss that locally contains small, red garnets.  Outcrops are  rare, even on steep hillsides, except for along large streams like Camp Creek.

Up on the top of the bluff, I explored some old homes and other interesting structures.

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