Wednesday, November 09, 2011


"Manifesting virtue does not mean having an abundance of material wealth, nor being proud of receiving large offerings." - Eihei Dogen (1200 -1253)

Dogen also said, "I have never heard that being rich and revered by ignorant people was a manifestation of the virtue of the Way.  Since ancient times, all people with bodhi-mind have been poor, endured physical pain, wasted nothing, were compassionate, and led by the Way. These people have been called true practitioners."

As my life is transmogrifying, it is more and more apparent that my biggest obstacle to accepting poverty is pride.  When I'm really honest about it, I can see that my fear of being poor is dwarfed by my fear of what people will say about me.  

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Inhia said...

remove your captcha please. You seem to be into something I was into before. Seeking I suppose is a great growth phase in life before attainment. After you attain you have many more levels to ascend. The process never ends. Escape is the weak reason to seek and attain. This is not a way out. On the contrary, the more you can see, the clearer you see, the more disgusting and ugly and dense those around you seem to be. They have much potential, so many squander it. Let me just read all your posts <3