Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's New?

Now, for reasons that I definitely do not understand, the videos on my blog seem to be working once again. I don't know if it's cause-and-effect or not, but tonight I embedded a Spoon video into last Tuesday's post, the one when the uploaded Spoon video seemed to cause the entire network of videos to crash, and after I was done, for some reason, all the videos were working once again. Go figure.

I also received a request to reinstate the old man-in-the-wilderness banner pic, so I took down the alien landscape from yesterday and replaced it with the more familiar (but no less strange) picture.

I have been working hard at the new job - harder than I have in years - but enjoying it more. The change was welcome. But this weekend, I have to oversee some field work in a city right-of-way that can't be performed on a weekday for traffic reasons and I have to help prepare for a big upcoming public meeting of the alliance of neighborhood associations. Not only will I be M.C.'ing the event but I've also done most of the organizing. This weekend, I have to do some publicity stumping, including going door to door at local businesses to request permission to hang up posters for the event, the first public meeting of the alliance. The meeting itself will be on Sunday the 31st.

All of this means that I won''t be able to start sewing an okesa this weekend. A special teacher for just this sort of thing is coming to the Zen Center this weekend, but my commitments to these various other enterprises will prevent me from attending. And so it goes.

Who's to say what's good and what's bad?

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