Sunday, January 31, 2010

The big event for today was the first annual public meeting of the alliance of neighborhood associations. It was the alliance's "coming out" party, our debutante ball. About 50 people attended, a remarkably good number for a civic meeting.

The planning and logistics for the event were remarkably simple - everything just sort of fell into place. No problem.

The event itself (for those of you keeping score at home) was kicked off by the alliance president, followed by our local City Councilperson. Since the event was hosted at Piedmont Hospital, we had a rep from the Hospital speak about their news and events. Finally, the main event was a Georgia Tech professor who gave an overview of the planning process for our neighborhoods currently being performed by several of his students and him. I got to MC the whole event, introducing each speaker and generally being a ham. It was fun.

So this capped off a January that saw me start a new job, that included a Saturday "retreat" for the Beltline advisory board, a trip up to Chattanooga, field work on a Saturday morning, and after-hours meetings of various civic groups. After everything that happened this month, I need a nap.

Wake me when February's over.

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