Wednesday, September 02, 2009

But, Finally, You've Got To Say Something

The questioner asked, "Is there anything more?"

The master said, "You can say there is or there isn't, but what are you going to do about the dragon king who holds the sword?
An unexpected hiatus. No posts since the last Friday Night Video and its anticipation of the weekend zazenkai.

As it turns out, I couldn't find the words to address the dragon king who held the sword. The weekend zazenkai was one of the most profound that I had experienced in quite a while, and no words can adequately express that experience.

Silence is a much better statement.

I had been more-or-less "perfect" on the year so far, if one defines "perfection" as posting to the blog every day of the year. Granted, I missed five days last April when I had no electricity, and there have been numerous days where I've fallen behind and had to post-date my entries. But other than that, something or another got posted every day. However, rather than cling to some arbitrary goal of blogging every day and posting words that missed the actual experience of the weekend, it's better to just be silent for a bit.

And, yes, that advice extends beyond the blogosphere as well.

Having been offered a glimpse of the actual, why continue to try and hide behind the veil of the imaginary?

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