Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"If, as ordinary people believe, spiritual practice is one thing and personal realization another, then each would be seen and recognized separately from the other. Should someone become muddled within his sensory perceptions and intellectual understanding, he would not be in 'the realm of enlightenment' because the realm of enlightenment is beyond the reach of delusory, discriminatory thinking."
- Zen Master Dogen, from Bendo-Wa (1231)

It was raining from the moment I got up this morning as if the whole State of Georgia was trying to make up for two years of drought all in one big rainfall. During the rest of the day, the rainfall only increased.

By 7 pm, it let up enough for me to drive over to the Kennesaw sitting group for their evening service.
The weather forecast calls for more heavy rain tomorrow, sunny on Friday.

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