Friday, August 11, 2006

Reuters is reporting that a report issued on Thursday by Atlanta's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that fewer U.S. high school students are having sex, and the ones who do are less likely to have multiple partners.

Despite the prevalence of hip-hop music with its sexually-oriented and degrading lyrics, only 46.8 percent of students said they engaged in sexual intercourse in a 2005 survey, down from 54.1 percent in 1991.

Despite activist judges defending women's rights and the teaching of evolution in the school system, only 14.3 percent of students in 2005 said they have had multiple partners, defined as sex with four different people during one's lifetime. That figure is down from 18.7 percent in 1991.

Despite the attempts of tree-hugging, liberal environmentals to scare people into accepting global warming as a fact, the number of students who say they used a condom the last time they had intercourse rose to 62.8 percent in 2005 from 46.2 percent in 1991.

Despite the vast right-wing conspiracy, 2.1 percent of students said they had injected illegal drugs at least once, the same as in 1995.

The report was based on student responses to anonymous, self-administered questionnaires in public and private schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Surveys.

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GreenSmile said...

yet these dots cannot be connected in so many minds.