Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm Popular Again

For reasons inexplicable to me, the hordes of googling monkeys, who abandoned this blog last March, have returned. I'm once again getting over 200 hits a day, but none of them seem to be coming here for the content. The majority of the hits appear to be coming for the March 2005 Jimi Hendrix pictures, which were originally posted exactly for the purpose of attracting more hits. It just took a couple of months.

I'm also getting comments on the Hendrix posts like "Cool" and "Amazing man" and "Keepin' the soul of Jimi Hendrix alive man, yeah!"

A couple of other sites have also linked to a few of my postings, specifically "How to Recognize a Millionaire" and the "Notice of Revocation" from last year.

So now I'm popular again. Not that there's any merit in that.

I'm still in Chicago. I had a meeting with a new client downtown this morning and then a second meeting up in Deerfield in the afternoon. Then I spent an hour crawling in traffic on I-94 trying to get back to the hotel.

My room here has a floor-to-ceiling window. I can sit zazen in front of the window looking out over the city of Chicago.

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