Monday, May 16, 2005

As I previously noted, this Saturday will mark one whole year of Water Dissolves Water. Yup, the big one-year anniversary is coming up. I'm considering doing a couple of things: first, I may just quit blogging all together. Or I may leave this blog for posterity and start a new one (I'm thinking, for a title, "Buddha Rhubarb Butter"). Or I may just go blithely on as if there were no benchmark date.

Tonight, I gave a version of The Seamless Tomb post for my talk at the Zen Center. It was well received, and to my surprise, sensei was there. He pointed out that "relying on grasses" may be a reference to the 10,000 things (as numerous as blades of grass), and that the "countless common people" sinking into the ground may not be in tombs, even seamless like I suggested, but may instead be realizing oneness with the world. I think we're both pointing to the same thing, though.

Today is also my Dad's 74th birthday. He got back from a month in Ireland recently, and reports that he wasn't able to learn anything more about his mother's genealogy, as there are far too many records of Mary Reilly's in Ireland to count. Anyway, Happy B-day, old man.

Re-reading the first paragraph, it now sounds to me like I was self-consciously asking for people to beg me not to stop posting. That wasn't how I felt when I wrote it, but that's how it sounds to me now. Anyway, don't bother replying, I'm too much of a ham to stop writing, and too vain not to tell y'all where you could still find me (if I even change a thing at all).

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GreenSmile said...

Happy birthday WDW

Water Dissolves Water is itself a finger pointing, a smallest lesson.

Only someone who knows that all living is "exemplary" can get away with a blog that is both diary and teaching. I could not handle that. I had to evolve my didactic blog as a special purpose voice.