Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Folks, for Georgia, these are some pretty cold temperatures, and for longer than we're used to it being so cold.  It's everything my furnace can do, running full-tilt 24 hours a day, to keep my drafty old house up to 69 degrees (cooler in some of the more far-flung corners of the building).

Nothing in the news today about the traffic cop apparently hit by a car yesterday morning. Apparently, just another incident in the big city.

What is all over the news, though, besides the cold weather forecast, is Atlanta is hosting the College Football National Championship Game this year, featuring the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide.  And as if we aren't suffering enough, what with the cold temperatures and fallen police officers, Donald Trump has just announced his intention of attending the game.  Sweet Jesus!  On top of everything else, now we're going to have to contend with the presidential motorcade travelling down Northside Drive, and that short-fingered vulgarian hogging all the air time when the cameras aren't on the game itself?  What an attention whore!  

If it weren't for the Georgia Bulldogs, I'd be tempted to not even watch the game now. 

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