Saturday, June 17, 2017

The special election for Tom Price's vacant seat in the Congress is this Tuesday (finally), after what seems like an eternity.  What makes these statements from candidate Karen Handel (the Republican we love to hate here at WDW) so appalling is that early in her career, she represented Fulton County and posed as a "compassionate conservative" with a "live-and-let-live" attitude toward the LGBTQ community.

It's a different story now, so we have to wonder - was she lying then or is she lying now?  In either case, why should we trust her?

During her recent debate with Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff, she flat out said she didn't think working Americans necessarily deserved to make a living wage.  “Look, if somebody’s working a 40-hour workweek, they deserve the kind of standard of living that Americans expect,” Ossoff had said. “That’s part of the American dream, and there are too many folks having trouble making ends meet.”

However, Handel said she was fully opposed to it and stated that “This is an example of a fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative.”

“I do not support a livable wage,” she added.
“What I support is making sure we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulation so that those small businesses that would be dramatically hurt if you imposed higher minimum wages on them are able to do what they do best: grow jobs and create good paying jobs for the people of the 6th District,” Handel added.
Hmmmm. "Good paying jobs?"  Below the standard of living?  That's oxymoronic.

In unrelated news, I was without internet and cable today from sometime around  2:00 pm to well after 9:00.  No idea what was wrong, but neither carried a signal.  Things are back up and running now, but it reminded me how dependent I am - we all are - on our infrastructure, both roads and highways, as well as utilities and communication.What ever happened to that Infrastructure Bill Trump was supposed to pass?

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