Sunday, May 28, 2017

Boys and girls, ladies and germs, sentient beings of the universe: we can't let Georgia's Karen Handel get into Congress.

As we've been saying here for some time, Handel is a perennial candidate who's only real accomplishments have been instituting restrictive voter I.D. lawes here in Georgia and dragging the Susan G. Komen Foundation into an unnecessary and needless controversy regarding funding of breast-cancer screening for Planned Parenthood.  She ran for Governor here in Georgia in one of the lowest, dirtiest campaigns in recent memory, which she fortunately lost, but now she's running for the Senate seat left by Tom Price's nomination into the Trump cabinet.

Yesterday, Handel sent out a fundraising email from Greg Gianforte. Gianforte is the newly elected congressman from Montana now facing jail time. On the eve of his election, Gianforte was charged with assault for body-slamming a journalist who did nothing more than question the Republican’s position on Trumpcare.

To this day, Handel defends Donald Trump—a man who mocks persons with disabilities, encourages acts of violence against protestors and the press, and even bragged about grabbing women.  Trump came to Atlanta last month to raise $750,000 for Handel's campaign, and the picture above of how she welcomed him leaves no question as to where she stands on his divisive and ill-tempered policies. 

Georgia is better than this. Georgia is better than Donald Trump and is certainly better than Karen Handel.  Atlanta in particular has a rich history of progressives speaking out against violence and hatred and bigotry and standing up for equality.  I can't vote in this election - my Congressman is civil rights icon John Lewis - but if you're able to cast a ballot, please vote for Democrat Jon Ossoff. Please.  

Don't let this woman into Congress.

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