Monday, April 24, 2017

My New Home

So it appears that we're not only going back to the Cold War, because why not?, but we're going to  bypass Poland and Berlin and even Vietnam and take it all the way back to the Korean War.  

It's been convincingly argued that reality as we know it is just a figment of some future computerized video game, and it appears that the whatever-it-is at the controls is rewinding our history and replaying its favorite parts.  So if we're all just characters in a video game, I may not be escaping reality in my Minecraft fantasy world as much as indulging in an alternate, equally synthetic reality.

Here's a quick tour of a home I rebuilt from ruins in the Minecraft/Fallout Mashup.  Bonus points for being right across the street (Comm Ave?) from Fenway Park.  That would make the river behind me the Charles, but would that then make the desert across the river the post-apocalyptic remains of Cambridge? 

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