Thursday, March 02, 2017

I got to visit my car today.  Last night, after it appeared to die from a broken heart while I was driving home listening to that sad, sad Julien Baker CD, it got towed over to Lexus.  Today, I took an Uber over to the dealer to discuss the repairs and pick up a loaner car while they repair mine.

It turns out the gas pump went out.  Considering the pump is the virtual heart of the engine, pumping gasoline to the cylinders just like the heart pumps blood through the body, it's not much of a stretch to say the car died of a broken heart.

So the adversity was not really as bad as my imagination feared.  Yes, the cost to install a new fuel pump in a Lexus is staggeringly expensive, but not as much as the transmission overhaul that I feared.  I was able to work today comfortably from my own home, a friend offered me a ride but I chose not to be a burden and took Uber to the dealer, and they lent me (free) a brand new Lexus with less than 200 miles on it to drive around in while the parts arrive and they fix mine.  So other than the cost, it's really no big deal. 

I've lived through worse.

Zen teaches that things are only as bad or as good as your mind imagines them to be.  Stoicism holds that you choose whether to suffer or to revel in the circumstances that arise.  The same thing, basically.

But really, I'm fine.  I'll drive the loaner to work tomorrow and show off my "new"car to what I imagine will be my envious co-workers.    

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